Challenge Fat Loss for Women – The Ultimate Fitness Plan

21 Day Challenge Fat Loss With Boot-Camp for Women Instructor Shawna Kaminski

Would you welcome the opportunity to follow a boot camp style, rapid weight loss and fitness program without the hefty cost and at a time that suits you?

The 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Program is a hard hitting Boot Camp exercise regime created, just for women, by expert fitness expert Shawna Kaminsky.

Challenge Fat Loss for Women
The Ultimate Pull-up Queen – Shawna Kaminski

The 21 Day Challenge Fat Loss 

The Challenge Fat Loss is 21 days to fitness with expert trainer Shawna Kaminski.

Shawna is also the founder of “Female Fat Loss Over Forty” program, Challenge Burpee’s the Ultimate Pull Up Program and the amazing boot-camp workouts.

The Challenge Fat Loss program is packed with workout routines that you can do anywhere.

It’s, just like having a personal trainer in your home without the cost.

This fat loss workout system has been designed to really put you through your paces.

It works by kicking your metabolism back into fat burning mode.

It provides you with rapid weight loss so you get back to being fighting fit and your ultimate healthy weight super fast.

This is extreme fat loss at it’s best!

exercise program that’s challenging, intense and fun while delivering serious fat burning results in time saving workouts.Every workout is 100% follow along videos that can be done at home so that I can coach and motivate you along the way – set by set, rep, by rep

maximizing your ability to burn fat and accelerating your metabolism MUST be at the top of your priority list.
M²A Training was developed to help anyone who’s stuck and wants faster fat loss results to get to the NEXT level where REAL RESULTS are achieved daily and where plateaus are shattered.

Shawna Says

“IF you’re ready to put in 20 minutes at a time, for the next few 21 days and follow the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge you will blast your body into After-Burn during your workout using HIIT + whole body resistance training style workouts. This will keep your metabolism on overdrive and fat burning mode for up to 36 hours post exercise.”.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I must warn you…it won’t be easy – but you’ll get results quickly if you’re not afraid of hard intense workouts for short periods of time.

Beginner Body Weight Workout- Burn Fat, Build MuscleTargeted Fat Loss Workouts For Women

21Days to Fat Loss Challenge Workout routines will have you feeling fit and healthy before you know it.

Shawna uses her expert knowledge and strong foundations in fitness, motivation and education to teach you how to get the best fat loss workout possible.

Hard work will get you real results from every exercise in the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Workouts.

Learn how to exercise and take care of any pre-existing injuries so you can workout safely and achieve your personal best results from each routine.

The added benefit of the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge exercise system is you can complete the sessions in the comfort of your own home, on the move are at the gym if you choose.

With Shawna’s help and the “BootCamp Workouts Routines” you can reshape your body, lose weight and build your stamina and strength so your body stays fit for the rest of your life.

Let me breakdown the research and the science behind Afterburn and the M2A effect I’ve discovered.
“M²A” is more than just Afterburn – it’s like Afterburn on steroids.
Long Slow Cardio Exercises – Don’t Work.

If you want to look after your body and ultimately your health you really need to look at your food intake and how your body reacts to food and exercise in combination.

Interval training causes a greater increase in post -exercise metabolism than regular, long slow cardio but its the magical combination of HIIT and resistance training together that gives you “M2A”

Many believe that in order to burn fat, you should stay in the ‘fat burning zone’.

To achieve that you must, modify the intensity of each exercise routine.

The aim is to really boost your metabolism and put you into Afterburn.

Muscle Metabolism Acceleration training “M²A” will allow you to burn fat around the clock.

This helps you build a lean athletic body with intense fat torching workouts that last only around 20 minutes.

30 Day Ripped Challenge | Lose 5% body fat in 30 days!Why Do A Combination of HIIT and Resistance Training

A recent study found that a shorter interval program combined with resistance training led to more weight loss than a twice-as-long aerobic training program.Bottom line: Interval Training and Resistance Training Works.

It seems that common sense wins out again.

The best bet to achieving the weight and body shape that suits you is: Sound eating, hard exercise and not relying on magic potions to aid your fat loss.

BootCamp Workouts especially for women will challenge and inspire you to work your body harder so you can see real weight loss results fast.

Add strength training, interval training, mini-meals, and protein to your weight loss plan and you’ll be leaner thanks to your faster metabolism.

Get real help to reshape your body, stay healthy and build up your muscle strength again so you can support your body with core strength exercises.

Find out more about Boot Camp Workouts with Shawna Kaminski.

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