Eat Stop Eat Diet – Fat loss Made Simple

Take a Radical Approach to Nutrition & Weight Loss with the Eat Stop Eat Diet. 

Are you tired of following virtually every diet guru in the world and totally sick of having no worthwhile results to show for your efforts?

The Eat Stop Eat Diet Program by Brad Pilon has been successfully teaching men and women how to eat for weight loss since 2007.

Brad Pilon creator of the Eat stop Eat Diet Program explains how Fasting Works.

eat stop eat dietWhat is the Eat Stop Eat Diet?

Eat Stop Eat Diet is “The act of willingly abstaining from all food, and is some cases drink, for a pre-determined period of time.”

The Eat Stop Eat diet plan is simply based on the style of eating where you perform a short-term fast, followed by a period of scheduled eating, followed by another period scheduled fasting.

Many fans of the program, choose to fast for a period of 24 hours and this is seen as the the most practical from of intermittent fasting for losing body fat while still maintaining lean muscle.

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting:

  • Lose weight from your body fat
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Improve metabolic profile
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Reduced need for obsessive compulsive eating
  • No more daily battles, over which foods to eat and how many calories you can consume. 
  • Being in a fasted state for short periods of time (12-72 hours) will not decrease your metabolism.

Fact: Fasting is the simplest method our body has for maintaining its caloric balance.

Fact: It’s OK to take the occasional break from eating every now and again.

You may be wondering if intermittent fasting is so great, why aren’t we all doing it?

While these benefits are impressive, the vast majority of people have fallen prey for some of the viscous slander that has plagued fasting for years.

Luckily, that’s all it is…slander.

Eat Stop Eat is taking advantage of a simple but highly effective “metabolic loophole”.

Eat Stop Eat Diet-The Definitive Guide to Intermittent Fasting | Muscle For Life
Intermittent fasting will help you lose more fat and less muscle than during a diet.
Eat Stop Eat Diet

The Eat Stop Eat Diet is not a newly thought-up fad diet, the combination of caloric restriction with resistance exercises has been proven to be very effective at preserving your muscle mass and reducing body fat.

Its just one simple weight loss strategy that replaces all the complicated weight loss rules that many of us have been struggling with and gives you back control.

Eat Stop Eat diet Review – The ‘Fast’ Diet Taking the World by Storm
Fasting has been a common ritual used by people across the world for many thousands of years.

The truth is we are not meant to be constantly eating, our original genetic code was wired to manage without food for short periods of time when food was in short supply. 

Fasting in the correct way actually has many health benefits.

A number of studies have suggested intermittent fasting has numerous health benefits, including weight loss, lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and also in insulin sensitivity.

The Eat Stop Eat Diet Program takes advantage of these benefits and at the same time ensures that you won’t slow down your metabolism and you’ll only lose weight by burning fat and not by losing muscle.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be complicated, with days spent counting calories, Eat Stop Eat gives your body a break from the constant food obsession, that is a modern day diet.

Fat must be released from our stores of body fat so it can be transported through your system, to a cellular engine where it is then burned as your bodies fuel.

For fat to be released from your fat stores 2 things must happen:

  1. Insulin levels must be decreased
  2. Growth hormones levels must be increased
Eat Stop Eat Diet #1 Intermittent Fasting Diet See Fast Results
Don’t worry if you can’t fast for 24 hours every time. There is still a benefit to fasting for 16 hours.

In as little as 12-24 hours of fasting, your fat burning increases, helping your body to burn fat as fuel.

The research behind the Eat Stop Eat Diet System shows that during a 24 hour fasting period, there is very little chance of you suffering from “low blood sugar”.

The fasting process WILL cause you to lose body fat, but it won’t decrease your metabolism and it won’t cause you to lose precious muscle mass.

By exercising a calorie controlled diet combined with exercise on the days you are not fasting, this fat loss will be as permanent.

The Key To Fasting Is To Drink Fluids.

Drinking clear liquids while fasting will keep you hydrated, but will not offer many nutrients

9 Things that makes Eat Stop Eat, Intermittent Fasting different?

  1. It’s has been designed so you can fast for 24 hours once or twice a week, while still never going a day without eating.
  2. Eat Stop Eat is also about just being flexible in general.
  3. The real benefit of Eat Stop Eat is being able to eat that Cinnamon or chocolate chip cookie, Guilt Free.
  4. With the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle we fast so we can enjoy our foods when we do eat.
  5. With Eat Stop Eat here is no mandate to stop eating the foods you love, to clean out your kitchen or to never eat carbs or fat again.
  6. There is no need for cheat days or binge days. In fact Eat Stop Eat does not involve binge eating, feeling guilty about food, or using fasting as a form of punishment.
  7. Many people report that food actually tastes BETTER after a fast! Now that’s a win!
  8. Of all the different ways in which you can fast I believe Eat Stop Eat takes the best advantage of the “intermittent” part of intermittent fasting.
  9. Eat Stop Eat has been set up to be a form of intermittent fasting that is adaptable to almost any lifestyle.
  10. Eat Stop Eat is highly adaptable, it allows you to use Eat Stop Eat to lose weight, and helps you to keep the weight off for years afterwards.

You can read about some intermittent fasting results on this page.

Think along the lines of using Eat Stop Eat as a LONG TERM strategy to get lean quickly, and as a way to STAY lean.

Lose fat, keep muscle, all while doing nothing – it doesn’t get much easier that this!

The Eat Stop Eat Diet Plan gives you time off from cooking, planning meals, are feeling guilty around food, enjoy the benefits of being able to enjoy the odd guilt free doughnut.

In exchange you spend a little time lifting weights and eating responsibly on the days that you are eating.

That’s it. That’s the trade off.

Some weight training, some occasional breaks from eating and a whole bunch of fat loss.

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