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Genuine Fat Loss Factor Review

If you’re someone who is constantly online searching for the best diet are weight management program, then you may already have come across reviews of the Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston dc.

Perhaps you are desperate to lose the weight and are sick of all the weight loss scams and nonsense that is constantly been tossed about online.

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The problem is that many of the Fat Loss Factor Program Reviews are not really honest and informative.

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Amazing results from the Fat Loss Factor

With my review you will clearly see what you are getting. You will receive enough information to help you make your own decision on whether are not Dr. Charles Livingston dc and his cleanse diet the Fat Loss Factor (FLF) program is for you.

lose weight without dietingWho Is Dr. Charles Livingston?

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Dr. Charles Livingston dc is a certified chiropractor, nutritionist and wellness practitioner.

It was Dr Charles disgust at seeing so many of his own patients struggling with weight issues and wasting thousands of dollars on useless pills and weight loss products that prompted him to do something to help them break the cycle.

Using his years of research and experience in the fields of weight loss, nutrition and pain management he developed a plan for natural, healthy and fast weight loss.

After witnessing the extremely positive weight loss results and feedback from his personal patients he went on to develop his hugely successful weight management program the “Fat Loss Factor”.

What Is The Fat Loss Factor Program

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Fat Loss Factor Master Cleanse Recipe Weight Loss has tipped over the web as the best way of losing a lot of fat and toxins quickly and easily.

The Fat Loss Factor is not just another diet, it is a lifestyle and weight management program.

The Fat Loss Factor Program has not been designed as a miracle approach to weight loss that promises overnight weight loss.

It focuses on a healthy life style that encourages weight loss and a strong healthy body.

You get 141 pages of really useful and comprehensive weight loss and detox information.

In Dr Charles Fat Loss Factor ebook he kicks off by explaining how most traditional diet programs push your body into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism down to a snail’s pace and making it virtually impossible to lose weight.

He promises by following the principles of the program consistently at your own pace you will successfully lose weight over a 12 week period.

dr charles dc fat loss factor reviewTo keep things simple Dr Charles has divided the Fat Loss Factor into 3 key phrases, with 12 main principles, covering every aspect of how to achieve successful weight loss.

3 Phrases - structured eating - calorie intake to lose weightLearn how hormones and genetics play a significant role in how men and women accumulate and store body fat.

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Discover why it’s vitally important to rid your body from toxins and how using the liver cleanse recipe in the Fat Loss Factor will encourage your liver to work more efficiently.

A clean, healthy liver facilities your fat burning, metabolism so it works twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Even while you sleep, making it the fat boosting organ that it can be.

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The Fat Loss Factor System Success.

The system comes highly recommended and is truly being used every day by thousands of men and women who are achieving fantastic results.

This is what Dr Charles says about the programs success story. I can show you a ton of before and after pictures of real world people besides Lori, who have gotten incredible results using the Fat Loss Factor program. I guarantee that it can help anyone lose weight.

I believe that starting weight loss program without cleansing and purifying your body can be setting you up to fail before you even begin.How to Lose Weight - Fat Loss Factor By Dr. Charles Livingston dcThe Fat Loss Factor System teaches you how to practically get a lean and healthy body that you can be really proud of.

What is included in the Fat Loss Factor Package ?


The Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston has proven itself to be a very successful weight loss plan helping thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals.

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Fat Loss Factor – the best cleanse for weight loss

The Fat Loss Factor starts with a two week total body body cleansing diet. Good health starts with eating only natural and organic foods.

detox dietThe Foojoo Fast Food Software is a brilliant tool that uses cutting edge software to help you plan your meals and rate the food in terms of healthy eating.

fat loss 4 idiots The pre-created grocery list plays a staring role and encourages you not to get caught out at the food mall.

fat loss 4 idiots Detailed workout plans with exercise for all levels of fitness, beginners, intermediate and advanced.  Log your exercise at each stage. 

vegetarian diet weight lossTry before you pay and see the benefits for yourself.

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Best Time To Exercise; Suggested Workouts and Times

Track your success.

weight loss camps for adultsSet simple but helpful goals for yourself and keep motivated.

drinking water to lose weightTrack how much you eat and at what time you have eaten. This is a worth while exercise helps you take back control of what you eat.

dr fat loss reviewsIf you have questions on The Fat Loss Factor Diet Program, just fire off an email to Dr Charles

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If you have already tried a multitude of different weight loss guides and plans, but always felt that you were missing something then the Fat Loss Factor could be your answer.

Pros of the Fat Loss Factor
  • We love the fact that on top of all the information in pdf, video, software form, delivered straight to your email.
  • You are entitled to free lifetime updates.
  • The information clearly and concisely explains why some foods are good and why some foods or bad for your weight loss. You will know exactly what makes foods healthy and unhealthy in this e-book.
  • FLF comes with lots of healthy recipes, meal planners and even shopping lists are provided so you can organize yourself in advance and stick to the plan.
  • The role of stress in weight gain is recognized and there is considerable information dedicated to dealing with stress issues such as comfort eating.
  • There are a number of hormones connected with fat loss. FLF discusses these hormones and the results of scientific studies on them. The diet is given with respect towards this information.
  • When you sign up for the Fat Loss Factor you can access lots of additional exercise sessions to suit all levels of ability so your exercises sessions will never get stale.
  • You also get unlimited email support with weight loss professionals makes it a great companion for anyone trying to lose weight on their own.
  • While the FLF diet plan is not extreme, work and dedication is required to follow the system especially during the first 2 weeks.
  • Dr Charles makes it clear from the start that before any change of diet or exercise program should be discussed with your doctor.
  • Good Support and Guarantee – The program has a trial and the entire product is guaranteed for 60 days.

Cons of the Fat Loss Factor

The content can sometimes come across as slightly unstructured which makes it difficult if you’re not going to take the time to read it carefully.

So its best not to skim the book as you may miss out on some of the most important information.

The diet is healthy but some people have found it difficult to manage the “detox” phrase.

Having the correct mindset, managing the changes to your lifestyle, and setting achievable goals can be difficult for some people.


The Fat Loss Factor offers very good value for money and if you’re serious about losing weight then you should strongly consider using dr charles livingston weight loss system.

To get started and kick your weight loss plans into gear just click on the link below to go to the OFFICIAL Fat Loss Factor site.

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