SpringFest One Fashion Show at the University of Michigan

SpringFest One Fashion Show at the University of Michigan

Our show will take place on March 28, 2015.

Each year NOiR re-introduces style, creativity, and individuality to the University of Michigan with an annual fall project and Spring fashion show.

SpringFest’s Premier Fashion Show … This show has 5 scenes, featuring clothing from both student designers and … fashion focused students, and exposes the University of Michigan’s.

SpringFest One Fashion Show at the University of Michigan
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The end of the semester was celebrated at the University of Michigan with its usual success.

Campus fashion group NOiR shows off its style

A new feature of this year’s SpringFest was the collaboration of four organizations to create a fashion show including local and student designers. Participants were Bronze Elegance, EnspiRed, NOiR Runway Fashion, and SHEI Magazine.

Students and photographers gathered where the end of the runway was distinguished by the change of color in the cement road by the Main stage on North University.

The show was aimed to represent the five parts of Springfest: innovation, arts, sustainability, community service and social identity.

NOiR is a runway and community service student organization at the University of Michigan.

Since its Inception in the Fall of 1999, NOiR has established itself as the premier runway fashion organization at the University of Michigan with the mission to produce a high quality runway show for a charitable cause.

NOiR believes that reading, writing, critical thinking, speaking and listening are the keys to success.

There are approximately 32 million illiterate people in the United States. We are blessed with the capacity to read and learn at a high level which has helped us become more understanding, empathetic and knowledgeable citizens.

This year, NOiR will donate all proceeds raised by your generous donations to support a local literacy program called The Child Literacy Network in Ann Abor, MI.

Financial support makes it possible for us to make a large donation to our cause and cover more of the expenses of our show.

Any donation helps, as we need funds for staging, lighting, sound, audio/visual and room rental for the day of the show.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to putting on a great show!

The one runway show I’ve attended yearly during my time at the university of Michigan and every year proved to get better and better. …. 

Reference to Michigan Daily Spring fesh fashion show


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